AimOffers is a distinctive cost per action affiliate network that features a good variety of verticals and offers. When joining AimOffers you’re assigned an ardent affiliate manager. The AimOffers affiliate managers are available during all times of the day and might be contacted by phone, instant messenger, and email. Not like many networks AimOffers works closely with all their affiliates. Plenty of networks assign dedicated affiliate managers however don’t work closely with their affiliates. The AimOffers affiliate managers will guide you and provides you invaluable advice no other networks can.

AimOffers was founded by two super affiliates. Combined they need 15 years of expertise in online marketing. Within the past, these 2 promoted a excessiveness of verticals for a spread of various networks. They weren’t satisfied with the kind of service these CPA networks offered. They felt neglected by these questionable affiliate networks, taking days to respond to their calls. These two had had enough. Even for the most unexperienced affiliates, that’s unacceptable!

Feeling that they knew over their own affiliate managers, they determined to make the perfect affiliate network. One among the AIMOFFERS founders defined that “the good network not only consists of exclusive offers that pay out top dollar, however what makes the network good are the people that work for the organization. If the affiliate and account managers don’t seem to be knowledgeable of what their job description consists of, then however will they assist any affiliates or advertisers? That’s not a perfect network.”

The founders of AimOffers are creating a statement! Not only are the AIMOFFERS affiliate managers intelligent of all aspects of affiliate selling, however that they need the information and tools to make a winning campaign. Above all, they’re available at all times – day or night.

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